What is Eclected.com and what can it be used for?
Eclected.com is a new, optimised online Marketplace, connecting antique and modernist dealers, fine artists and artisans as well, as some private sellers with discerning buyers and patrons worldwide. Fast, user-friendly and affordable, with optimised SEO, substantial financials and a solid support system are just some of the features, that make us different.
What are the criteria to become a Seller on Eclected?
Antique or Modernist Dealers, Artists or Artisans as well, as qualified private sellers, including organisations are welcome to sell, all subject to verification of their professional status and/or meeting certain standards, decided upon by our team of curators
Do I need a Resale Certificate?
If you are a Dealer/Seller with a Resale Tax Certificate, you will need to submit a copy of the Certificate to us, before being approved for the status of a Dealer. That should exempt you from paying the Sales Tax when purchasing, while lowering your fee bracket on Eclected.
How do I apply for a status of a Seller?
If you go to “SELL WITH US” button at the bottom of the home page, you can choose your seller status, submit samples of your inventory or work by sending us a link to your web-site or other online platforms, where our curators would be able to view it. Normally, we will reply within 24 hours
When would I be able to start uploading my inventory/works?
Once you have read, understood and accepted our Seller Agreement, which serves as the governing document for our Sellers, you should be good to start posting and selling on Eclected
How many items can I post?
There is no limit. The more you post, the more you sell. With that being said, please keep in mind, that keeping track of your available items is important, as we require every unavailable item to be removed from your inventory immediately. If a buyer attempts to acquire an item that is no longer available for purchase and delivery, but is still listed in your inventory, you will be subjecting yourself to a penalty and/or a possible suspension
What are the posting requirements for my listings?
Each item you list for sale should either be owned or created by you or you must be legally authorized to sell it and be in possession of and able to deliver the item, as required by this agreement. Its description, authenticity and quality should be honestly and carefully reflected in the listing. Having more, than one image is important and will help selling the item. The more detail is visible and clear, the better. It is advisable to photograph the front, the back and the side(s) if the item if it’s three-dimensional. Showing signatures, stamps, marks, labels, small defects, signs of wear or any significant details in the images will benefit your sales and prevent unnecessary returns. The best, preview image should be photographed on a light-gray background or masked, using a light-gray background. If you don’t have the right backdrop or are not proficient with the masking technique, we will be happy to do the post-production and make it look its best, free of charge. Ideally, all images should be of good quality and, preferably, large in pixel size. There is no maximum pixel size. Acceptable files are: JPEG, PNG or GIFF.
Should you decide to promote certain items by discounting it, they will get featured in our ON SALE category for a minimum of 60 Days.
What kind of personal information I am required to provide?
Currently, our Sellers are either US citizens or US Legal Residents, allowed to do conduct business in every State of the Union. Once you start selling, we may request your W-9 form, in order to comply with the law, while sending you payments.
How long does it take to get paid for sold items?
You should receive the payment in approximately one week after the Buyer’s return period has expired. Our Terms of Use allow 7 days for returns. Unless the Buyer initiates return of the purchased item, our Sellers receive payments within two weeks from the date when the item is sold
Are Buyers allowed to return purchased items?
Buyers can return items, which haven’t been accurately described or are not authentic, have hidden defects which haven’t been disclosed, do not function properly (unless that has been clearly represented), damaged or otherwise misrepresented.
If I want to sell on Eclected, what will my fees be like?
We only charge a fixed percentage from realized sales. There are no listing or sign-up fees.Our fees vary, based on the individual status of the Seller, including the inventory size, merchandise quality and sales’ volume. Your individual fee as a Seller on Eclected will be carefully determined by our curators and posted in our customised Seller Agreement with you.
How do I handle collection of Sales Taxes?
Each State has it’s own Tax rate and it’s your responsibility to comply with your State’s Tax Code. Eclected,com is strictly an online selling platform, an agent, that connects Sellers with their Buyers and, therefore, is is not responsible for collection or enforcement of collection of Sales Taxes. We do offer a complementary calculation of Sales Tax where it is required by the State. Choosing this optional feature may help you stay in compliance as well, as figuring out the math. Ultimately, it’s always your own responsibility, as a Seller, to make sure the taxes are collected and paid in compliance with the law.
What are the shipping procedure and its options?
No worries about that: All you need to do, is print the e-mailed to you shipping label and attach it to the package. A courier will come over to pick the item up at your convenience. Unless you are willing to send it yourself with free shipping, the Buyer always pays for shipping, including White Glove Delivery Service when chosen.
I’d like to become your Seller. How do I apply to get approved for selling on Eclected?
This link here: SELLER REQUEST will take you to the right page, where you can direct us to your web site or any other platforms, where our curators can view your inventory or your work. Once we receive your request, we will reply within 24 hours.