You are a Dealer,
looking to reach new clients
and sell more and better...
We get it and we can help you with that
Our web site is a new, exiting platform, which offers Dealers an opportunity to showcase and sell their merchandise to buyers and collectors all over the world with low fees and no hustle. Having your inventory listed on Eclected.com will, undoubtedly, boost your exposure to thousands of new well-heeled buyers as well, as other dealers, always looking for new sources of antiques and art.

To join in and start selling, all you need to do is to make two easy steps:

1. Send us the link to your web site or a page where some of your inventory is showcased.

2. Get verified and approved by our curators. To get the ball rolling, go to the box below and type-in the link to your web-site or other source, where we can see your work. Because of our commitment to maintaining a certain standard in what we offer to our buyers, while trying to insure that you, as a Dealer, find yourself in good company of other reputable, quality Dealers, every applicant must get approved by our curators before the account is activated. Normally, the decision is made within 24 hours. Once you are approved and signed-up, you will be able to begin uploading your inventory, managing and editing your page, selling, buying and, if you have more than one business, easily connecting all to your main account. We are looking forward to seeing you on our select roster of other quality Dealers, using Eclected as well, as helping you to sell more, better and faster!

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